FAQs - Scheduled Infrastructure Upgrades

We will be conducting scheduled infrastructure upgrades on 3rd April, from 3pm AEST, for 5 hours until 8pm AEST. Full service will resume on April 4th.

Commencement in alternative regions is as follows:

  • Sydney 4pm AEDT (3rd April)
  • London 4am GMT (3rd April)
  • San Francisco 10PM PDT (2nd April)
  • Washington DC 12am PDT (3rd April)
  • Johannesburg 7am SAST (3rd April)
  • HCM 12pm ICT (3rd April)


Who does this affect?

Anyone who accesses learning content from Go1, or powered by Go1. As a user, you won't have access learning content from the Go1 Content Hub, the Go1 Platform, or Go1 public API.

During this period, if you attempt to access learning content within your learning system, you will encounter a page informing you of the scheduled improvement.

What is the purpose?

Following completion, Go1 can more efficiently release improvements and enhancements, resulting in a better experience for you and your users/partners.    

The first of these enhancements will be a new and improved registration and sign-in experience for users on the Go1 Platform and its associated API endpoints.    

As an administrator, what can I do to minimise impact to my organization?

To minimize impact on your users, please work with your customer success/partner manager to reschedule any launches planned from March 29th to April 9th. Please also communicate this scheduled downtime to your users or partners ahead of time. 


How to I keep track of progress?

Click on status.go1.com to receive real time updates on the status of the scheduled infrastructure upgrades. 


I have further questions

If you are a user, reach out to your system administrator.

If you are an administrator, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team or your customer success/partner manager for assistance through our support portal.

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